07 October 2008

Linky Goodness

Toni Brayer over at EverythingHealth has an interesting post on some new research for prevention of SIDS. As the father of a nine-month-old, I find that to be valuable and timely advice.

Gruntdoc reports that they installed an EMR and four days later, everybody already finds it indispensable. I've never even heard of such a rapid adoption. When we were installing an EDIS, I was warned by a medical director who had already been through the installation, "Be prepared to be burnt in effigy by your staff for about six months," and that was pretty consistent with our experience. Four days is a remarkable transition time!

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  1. Every computerized system that I have used has been difficult to adapt to. Those of us, who grew up before computers were common, have a hard time getting comfortable with the different commands and locations for the various essential choices of a valid chart. This includes the software that later became popular for its intuitive feel. It was nowhere near intuitive at first. Even those promoting the software were hesitant to suggest such a rapid adoption as 4 days, to those who would actually be using the software.


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