01 October 2008

I am voting for John McCain

It is with a heavy heart that I rescind my allegiance to Barack Obama for President, and announce that I will be supporting his rival, John McCain of Arizona. While I disagree with almost every policy and position he holds, and I find his ideology frightening and his character lacking, I learned today that Senator Obama bears a character flaw so deep, so shameful, so disgraceful that I can no longer support his candidacy.

I am referring, of course, to Senator Obama's stated support of the White Sox, and his mean-spirited, derisive, unpresidential comments about the Chicago Cubs.

I am sorry to subject you all to such disturbing images, but it needs to be out there. Can we trust a man willing to wear the black and white? Can America stand the moral stain of such a man in the Oval Office? I think not. We need a President who can bring honor and dignity back to the White House, and such a man clearly cannot.

I should have supported Hillary when I had the chance. She at least was on the right side -- the North Side. But wait, what's that you say? She was a traitoress, willing to wear black pinstripes when the political winds blew in their favor?

Ouch. That's even worse.

But McCain. He's a safe choice in these troubled times. The Diamondbacks aren't even in the playoffs. I'm not even sure they're still in the Major Leagues. And McCain isn't aware of them -- they're an expansion team, and I don't think he noticed in 1997 when they were created. For that matter, I don't think he noticed in 1969 when they started playing League Championship Series.

But he's not a White Sox Fan. So I can vote for him.

Go Cubs!


  1. oh this hurts! Right after commenting below about finally having found a liberal doc on the blogosphere ;)

  2. Hahaha. I almost had a heart attack when I read the headline.

  3. Don't you have to give him a pass on this? His wife is a South Side girl.

  4. OK, let's have you really show your cards:

    Forced to choose, would you have

    a) Obama as president, or
    b) Cubs win World Series

  5. I agree with anonymous who almost had an MI! I read that and I was like, "OMG, NO! Tell me it ain't so." Then I read further and said, "OMG, NO! Tell me it ain't so -- how could such an upstanding fellow like Obama be a Sox Fan???"

    You really stopped my heart for a moment there!

  6. Matlatzinca:

    Religion trumps politics. Every time.

    Put another way, it's only been 12 years since a democrat won the White House. It's been 100 years since the Cubs won.


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