20 October 2008


Precocious Youngster Sells Cookies To Buy Attack Ad
It's so nice to see the kids of today getting involved.


  1. I wonder how she came up with the word "Philanderer"... or if she even knows what it means? lol

  2. it's the onion news network.

  3. First, BS. This is such a staged ad that only the idiot dems would believe it. This is shameful for the adults who are behind it.

    And as for this sites moderator.... You are clearly misdirected if you are a proclaimed ER Doc and believe what is coming down the obama political pipe will benefit our health care plan. Shame on you, sir

    A real ER doc who is in touch

  4. Dude, you need to have your irony gland checked, because I think it's malfunctioning. Maybe I give my readers too much credit. This is from The Onion, the "news" site which brought us such headlines as "Bush Inaugural: Our Nation's Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Over," or "President Clinton feels nation's pain, breasts."

    And, Mr "Real ER doc," I'll throw down with you over health policy any time you like. You can start by reading any one of the dozens of posts on health care wonkery I have written. Perhaps you may want to start with this one. I await your well-thought-out and reasoned response, sir.

  5. I don't Shadowfax, did you see the Palin interview with Couric? Have you heard Palin/McCain call a U.S. Senator a terrorist, a socialist, an America hater, and recently too much of a pussy to stand up to America's enemies? A little girl selling cookies to talk about how John McCain cheated on his first wife with his current wife wouldn't be anywhere near the most outrageous thing someone has seen on T.V.

    AND, don't forget a very large fraction of Bush's '04 supporters thought we had found WMD in Iraq, which means they only watch FoxNews. It's pretty likely that this "real ER doc" who is likely from the "real America," that is the "pro-America" part of America, may not know that the Onion is satire.

    OR, is Anon really putting up some very subtle satire himself or herself. Wow. That's deep.


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