16 October 2008


I blogged about this last week after the second debate: that McCain blatantly misrepresented Obama's health care plan with regard to "fines." I was actually a little irked that Obama didn't refute it quite as directly as I would have liked.

Fortunately, McCain gave Obama another chance; a nice slow pitch down the center of the plate, and Obama hit it clean out of the park. Check out McCain's face in the reaction shot. Priceless.

(via Josh at TPM)


  1. And yet Obama has lost ground on the electoral count map? How did that happen? Yesterday, there were only 50 in the toss-up column; today there are 70. The loss appears to be from the Dem side, too. Not good.

    I know he lost "Joe the Plumber," but damned if that guy's vote won't work against him if McCain is elected. Obama definitely has the better plan for good ol' Joe. (Lots of Joe's in this election for some reason)

    Did you happen to notice that Shaeffer (sp?) let McCain have the last word on nearly every question? Nearly every question.

    I asked the stupid statistics question yesterday, but even I know that doesn't happen by chance. Subconscious bias, maybe. But chance, no way.

    The word "erratic" never came up, but McCain looked like he was ready to spit nails for at least half the debate. I almost expected a brawl.

    How do you think last night's debate will effect Obama's chances?

  2. Anon,

    I don't think the debate had an effect at all on "the chances." Obama had a ridiculously good chance of winning both before and after the debate. It was a big chance lost for McCain, who now has no more opportunities for a face-to-face game changer.

    I don't place too much emphasis on the day-to-day fluctuations in the polls. If the race is tightening, as it may be, then that reflects pre-debate tightening.

    And yes, McCain looked like a failed exercise in anger management through the whole thing. Body language and tone comes through to voters much more clearly than policy details do. Obama's rich, calm, reassuring baritone plays very well against McCain's snarling nasal sarcasm. I think that has more than anything else to do with the fact that Obama has "won" all three debates by wide margins.

  3. Thanks, SF, I was definitely looking for reassurance and you made me feel much better. I won't be pestering you about this everyday, promise.

    These are scary times. We can't get rid of the Republicans and their policies fast enough to suit me.

    Thanks again.

    marcia (formerly one of the anonymi)


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