21 October 2008


Cancer sucks. That's all I can say. It just sucks.

Henry and his family can use a little love right now. And if you are feeling like taking action, St Baldrick's Foundation is still accepting contributions towards a cure for children's cancer.


  1. Done, and thank you for the link. God bless him!

  2. You sum it up quite well. Cancer sucks... and cancer in kids is just something that should never happen.

    Thanks for passing on the link. Lots of love going out to this little guy from everywhere I am sure.

  3. I've shaved my head the past couple of years with St. Baldrick's, as kids with cancer make my heart hurt. I was diagnosed with renal cell cancer 2 months ago, and I am trying to find someone to operate (I have great insurance, I'm just fat) so I can understand what these kids are going through.


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