11 October 2008


A political maxim. If you have not seen these before, you do need to visit despair.com.

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  1. I love despair.com.

    The sad thing is that we tend to give up on decreasing corruption too easily. We seem to be quick to jump at any possibility to participate in the corruption.

    Jackson's Spoils System has been continued by other means. We have an expectation that politicians will bring money to their district regardless of the merit of the boondoggle. We act as if it isn't already the money of the tax payers. As if we should not demand responsible use of tax money. That we're just stealing from the government, so how can it really be stealing.

    It is as if a mugger were to give back a small percentage of the money he stole, in exchange for a promise that we will not call the police. Why do we comply?

    Little is done for substantial tort reform, because what if that were me on the receiving end of a frivolous law suit? nobody really wants to be on the plaintiff end of serious malpractice. The tort lawyers claim that they are protecting patients, while they agree to confidentiality agreements that help to ensure that these mistreatments do not change.

    People seem to put up with the corruption, because of the faulty logic that some of the corruption will favor them.


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