23 September 2008

Pet Causes

Those of you whose memories stretch all the way back to March may recall that I shaved my head for St Baldrick's, an organization dedicated to raising funds for research towards pediatric cancers. We raised just shy of $40,000. My close personal friend, Beth Villavicencio was awarded a grant from the St Baldrick's Foundation, which has now been officially announced:

St. Baldrick's Foundation awards $50,000 for preclinical trial on new drug
September 22, 2008
Children who survive medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor, often have lifelong side effects from traditional treatments. But a new medication study by Dr. Elisabeth Villavicencio holds hope for better results. Her preclinical trial to determine the efficacy of IPI-926 will be supported by a $50,000 research grant from St. Baldrick's Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research.

Preliminary studies have shown that IPI-926 is more effective and less toxic than older drugs in its class. If her research shows the drug does prolong life, Villavicencio and her colleagues will work to move it toward clinical trials in children with medulloblastoma.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation makes grants to research institutions to find new cures for childhood cancer and to find treatments to ensure a better quality of life for patients and survivors. The foundation funds research projects conducted by established pediatric cancer experts, as well as younger professionals who will be the experts of tomorrow. For more information, visit www.StBaldricks.org.
Very exciting, and congratulations to Beth!

Also, faithful reader litbrit points out that American Express is running a promotion in which they will give a total of $2.5 million to a variety of charitable causes -- and you can vote for your favorite candidates. International Medical Corps is in the top five. They work on hunger and malnutrition in developing countries - a highly worthy endeavor. Vote them up, and they may be eligible for up to $1.5 million in funds. (You do not need to be a cardmember to vote. Sign in as a guest.)

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  1. Fabulous news. Congrats again on your fundraising, and on your friend's award. We all hope it will make the difference for some young tyke.

    Thanks for caring so much!
    Henry's mom


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