13 September 2008

McCain vs the truth

Andrew Sullivan said it best recently:

"John McCain isn't running against Barack Obama. He's running against reality."

John McCain is willing to say anything to get elected.


  1. SEX Pheromones or POW Electric shock!

    McCain meets Palin and in 15 minutes he is giving her the VP slot, how
    else could you explain this? "This is my soul mate" said McCain!
    McCain's brain has been fried, how could you explain him calling his
    wife a trollop,cunt in public. Then telling repeated lies of late,
    McCain said " Palin knows more about energy than any one else in the

    May be the electric torture he received during the time he was POW!

    All ECT (electric shock) does is produce brain damage. ...If you want
    brain damage, it's your prerogative... there's no more effective way
    than ECT. It's more effective than a car wreck, or getting hit with a
    blunt instrument."
    - Dr. John Friedberg, Neurologist

    "Well, what is the sense of ruining my head and erasing my memory,
    which is my capital, and putting me out of business? It was a
    brilliant cure but we lost the patient."2. - Ernest Hemingway, Nobel
    Prize-winning author who killed himself after complaining that
    psychiatric electric shocks had ruined his career by destroying his

  2. Do Democrats ever just for for their candidate or against the other candidate? Do they always hate the other candidate?

    Why the hate?

  3. I think you're projecting, Anon #1. When have you heard a Dem make a comment that even approaches the nastiness of a Rush or Bill-O BS diatribe?

    Haters? Doesn't the KKK all vote red?

    Check out Craig's List, any city, to see which party is most represented by haters.

    ~Anon #2

  4. Last I heard, Rush isn't running for pres, and didn't make a promise to be different. BO did.

    BTW--the KKK in the south is Democrats. Lincoln was a Republican. The Senators who voted yes on Johnson's civil rights legislation were Republicans. Democrats voted against it, including Al Gore's father.

    "old one" mocks a man's injuries and disabilities. Hateful.

  5. Anon 5:46 --

    Don't forget that McCain is the one who promised a "decent and respectful campaign," and he's the one who has descended furthest into the gutter. Obama is comparatively playing nice (or playing the sap: too nice, perhaps).

    I agree that I don't see the salience of ECT, though. I'm not going there.

  6. I'd love to vote for a real Republican, one in favor of science, personal responsibility, making our nation great by preserving opportunity for everyone, minimizing government and running the remainder effectively and efficiently, and getting the government out of an individual's private life to preserve freedom of conscience for all.

    Sadly, Dwight Eisenhower, Robert Ingersoll and their ilk are long dead, and the remainder of the "Republican" party are the reanimated corpses of Richard Nixon, Joe McCarthy, Jesse Helms, and Strom Thurmond. It's like Triumph of the Will crossed with Night of the Living Dead.

    Haters indeed, those Democrats. You'd like to believe the current incarnation of the GOP has anything to do with the party of Lincoln as much as the Democrats of today have any connection to the Dixiecrats of yore. Perhaps you'd like to look at the behavior of both parties since (say) 1990. Which party paid their bills (taxed to pay for what they spent, vs just spent and spent and cut taxes for the rich, racking up enormous debt)?

    Which party has worked hardest to disenfranchise minorities and the poor with onerous ID requirements to combat fictitious "voter fraud"?

    Which party has worked hardest to undermine personal liberty and freedom by engaging in egregious widespread surveillance, wiretapping, and other extralegal activities?

    Speaking as an ex-Republican, the current GOP is a pack of divisive, corrupt, anti-American theocrats willing to lie, cheat, and steal to obtain and maintain power, and do nothing but evil once they obtain the slightest advantage. I long for the day I can vote for someone like Ike or Ingersoll. Until then, I want the corrupt rat bastards driven from our towns, turned over to the Hague for war crimes trials, and (metaphorically) their heads placed on pikes at the city gates as a warning to others. To hell with them.

    Torture, needless war, cronyism, racism, classism, propaganda, and lies, lies, and more lies are the legacy of the modern GOP. The worst you can accuse the Democrats of is lack of spine, and that's a mere character fault compared to the abject criminal pathology that typifies the Christian Dominionists and amoral Neocons that have usurped the title of Republican. Moderate Republicans have no-one to blame but themselves for letting the Party be controlled by ignorant rednecks. Being such a pack of weak-kneed followers has not helped them any - will they gather the testicular fortitude necessary to throw the bums out? I'd love to see it happen but I doubt it.

    So for the "Republicans" in the audience, enjoy your spokesmodels, Rush, and BillO - one a pervert, the other a drug addict - you bought them, you own them, and it's disingenuous in the extreme to disown them when convenient.

  7. Well said, Apthorpe!

  8. No Republican aplogist here but what does BO offer?

    "Hope". What strategy is that exactly?

    "Change" What is that other than the current administration. BO offers the same old liberal ideas dressed up in tall skinny big ears.

    "Unity". BO (and JB) have rarely crossed the aisle to accomplish anything.

    "tolerance". The left claims to be tolerant, this is as long as you are pro abortion and not fundamentalist christian.

    The worship and hysteria over BO is absurd. There is no new ideas here. It is the same old liberal tax more, bigger government agenda of the past.

    SF, you are a smart guy, as an ER doc you have analyze and be objective, rather than just be gueded by emotion. Just WTF is specieal about the BO message and what do you think it is going to do for you and the country because I just don't get it.

  9. wow. Even Karl Rove thought this ad was too far. Amazing~`

  10. I was sick to my stomach when they used the SexEd against Obama...

    they say hes damaging children... but they USED the children... degraded them with that ad.

  11. add:
    So you are saying you haven't paid any attention to what has been said the last 6 months? I have an idea. Use you internet to actually look up Obama's positions on those questions. This isn't a government secret. It just involves opening your eyes and your brain.

  12. add: Just one point. I doubt anyone is "pro abortion". And no, pro choice does not equal pro abortion. Just because I firmly believe in a woman's right to govern her own body does not mean I want women to have abortions. I want women to have safe choices and truthful education about those choices.


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