10 September 2008


Did they find the Higgs Boson? I don't know, but you're reading this, so at the least it didn't destroy the earth!

Yay science!


Matt Dick said...

Come on, don't perpetuate the hysterical hype about the destruction of the world. The LHC is turned on this morning, but the particles are all going in the same direction right now.

It's when they collide that we're all going to die.

Sheesh, stop being such a Chicken Little!


Chris said...

I found that quite amusing...

Then I had a vision of one of my A-level physics teachers beat boxing, whilst the other jumped around in front rapping. I broke down in hysterics!

shrtstormtrooper said...

I hadn't seen this video before, so I had to yank it from your blog and post on my own. It's a credited steal though, hope you don't mind!