13 September 2008


There was a time when John McCain was an honest and pragmatic politician. He was the victim of one of the nastiest smear campaigns in recent history in 2000, and it probably cost him the presidency. He conducted himself well in that campaign and never stooped to the gutter politics of Bush and Rove. But now, he has sold his soul to the sons and daughters of Lee Atwater, and is willing to lie and lie again if it will win him the White House. Consider, if you will, this ad. I won't link to it directly, you can find it yourself if you like. The tag line:

"Obama's one accomplishment? Legislation to teach 'comprehensive sex education' to kindergartners. Learning about sex before learning to read? Barack Obama. Wrong on education. Wrong for your family."
The truth? The legislation was intended to teach children how to avoid sex predators and molestation. John McCain, friend of pedophiles!

According to the Obama camp, "Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn't define what honor was. Now we know why." He stands next to Palin while she repeats her lie about the Bridge to Nowhere. He lies about Obama's tax plan, falsely stating that it will raise taxes on all Americans (nonpartisan agencies agree Obama's tax plan would cut taxes on 80% of taxpayers). He lies about Obama's health care plan. And he sheds crocodile tears about sexism, when he himself used the lipstick line on Hillary, and thought it was hysterical when a supporter called her a bitch. He lied when he asserted that Palin never requested earmarks when she asked for $200M in earmarks this year alone. He claims to put country first, and named a patently unqualified person to be his successor.

Over the past eight years, John McCain has abandoned every principle he once held that made him stand apart from the ideologues in his party: tax policy, immigration, torture, and more. He has sold his soul to the "Agents of Intolerance," as he once called them, and embraced the christianists who want to dismante the wall between church and state.

The McCain campaign cannot run on the disastrous legacy of the republican party over the last decade, nor can they run on their ideas for solving America's problems, because they have none. Their only option was to run on the stirring biography of their candidate, a man of integrity and honor.

John McCain has forsaken that honor, and in doing so, has shown himself to be morally unfit for high office.


  1. And another thing---that John McCain can't even use a computer! I know it, because I saw it in an Obama ad. How can you be president if you can't use a computer? Vote Obama.

    Oh--what war injuries? Can't type, can't tie his shoes, can't comb his hair? Can't send an email because of his injuries? Never mind...

    Why didn't the Great Obama mention the injuries in his ad???

  2. Have you actually read any of the proposed legislation? There's a lot about same sex marriage and masturbation. Very little about predators. Find a source and purblish some of it for us to see.

  3. Anon 8:20 --
    I call bullshit. You claim the legislation endorsed "same sex marriage and masturbation." OK, then, if you're making a wild-ass claim like that, the burden of proof's on you.

    The AP, CNN, and NYTimes all have fact-checked the McCain ad and described it as highly deceptive. If you want to argue that they are all wrong on this, let's see your evidence.

  4. Anon 8:19 --
    Again, bullshit. McCain has a freaking Blackberry, for pete's sake. He doesn't use computers because, in his own words, "I've never felt the particular need to e-mail."

    But John McCain was a POW! That means he can never be criticized!

    No, fact the facts, little buddy, McCain doesn't use a computer for the same reason Bush does not -- he has people to do that sort of thing for him. He's busy, so he's never dedicated himself to acquiring that skill set.

    But... but... POW!

  5. Schools should be about reading, writing and arithmetic. In no way should any national legislator be doing anything like telling schools what to teach about penis-touching. If a district wants to decide to do that, that's up to the individual school district and the extent of the discussed content should not be a mystery.

  6. From the Boston Globe, 3/4/2000:

    "McCain's severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes."


    This is available to everyone online, presumably also the Obama campaign.

    The point of Obama's spot would be McCain's ignorance of technology. But you just said he has a Blackberry! He sounds pretty techno to me.

    I presume you can hold the Blackberry just right and type with one finger, whereas a computer keyboard sits on the desk and you have to adapt to it. McCain can't.

    Maybe Obama isn't techno savvy--since he couldn't research the Boston Globe article!

  7. You've been fed a line o' crap, and you have chosen the believe it. His injuries prevented him from using a keyboard? Geez, pity he didn't have enough money to buy a special desk with a keyboard tray, or an adaptive keyboard.

    Because if he wanted to, there are many devices out there to assist people with disabilities in using computers. But he chose not to use them. That's fine, it's his choice.

    Don't give me any weak-ass pap about how his heroic POW injuries "prevent" him from using a computer.


  8. How can he use a tiny Blackberry pad but not a standard computer keyboard? That doesn't make sense at all.

    One advantage the Republicans have over the Dems is that the Repubs are willing to lie and distort the truth in order to win; whereas the Dems try to avoid mudslinging in favor of promoting their actual agenda.

    There are a lot of stupid people out there who believe the BS because it fits with their preconceived ideas. Most of the posts I read from Repub supporters are nothing more than sound bytes grabbed from commercials, Rush, Bill-O, Fox Noise and the like. They don't bother to check facts, and they don't bother to think for themselves.

    An awful lot of people vote against their best interests because of this.

  9. Can somebody please enlighten me: if McCain doesn't know how to email, what is it he does with his blackberry? Everything BUT email?

  10. The Obama ad says McCain's a technophobe. How many technophobes have BlackBerrys??

    And--darn that Boston Globe for lying about McCain's injuries! He can use a BlackBerry, for crying out loud! He's just fine!

  11. who cares if he can use a Blackberry, a computer keypad, or even toilet paper to wipe his ass...the point is that he is putting out reprehensible lies that he KNOWS to be untrue...

  12. "the point is that he is putting out reprehensible lies that he KNOWS to be untrue..."

    Now here you're talking about Obama's ad that McCain doesn't use technology, right??

    You're right! BO is lying!

  13. And BO's ad making fun of McCain is from the guy who promised a clean campaign!

  14. Just to clarify -- McCain has a Blackberry, but the full quote I mentioned earlier was "I use the Blackberry, but I don't e-mail, I've never felt the particular need to e-mail." I mentioned it only to point out that he fingers are apparently capable of operating certain types of keyboards.

    Kinda sad that he's got a Blackberry but doesn't even use its best function.

  15. The Blackberry's best function is its ability to text people on the other side of the room during a boring meeting.

  16. A Democratic doctor. How refreshing.

  17. Nurse K:
    One would think an ER RN would have some clue as to the rampant sexual abuse in this country. STFU wou clueless moron.

  18. Shadowfaz--not bullshit!

    Here's the Sex Ed program that BO voted for. Check page 51--"Level 1" is the 5-9 year old section.


    "Level 1
    • Touching and rubbing one’s own genitals to feel good is called masturbation.
    • Some boys and girls masturbate and others do not.
    • Masturbation should be done in a private place.

  19. Fact check on the BlackBerry...from ABC news blog:


    Any questions?

    the BO shop is sinking fast.

  20. FYI trolls, being opposed to the Federal government meddling in K-12 school policy with regards to sex education does not mean I'm pro-child molestation!

    Democrats sometimes forget that the government is separated into city, county, state, Federal, etc. Oddly enough, some people still think parents can handle these tasks WITHOUT the nanny state stepping in! Schools can barely get kids to pass a basic skills reading and math test, why should they be wasting time on this sort of stuff?

  21. K -- It was an Illinois legislature bill, not federal. It was, BTW, supported by the IL State PTA -- not exactly a radical organization.

    Anon 9:17 -- I don't know what the document you linked is, but here's the text of the bill Obama voted for. The word "masturbation" never appears, but there's plenty on abstinence, HIV prevention, and sexual predator education.

  22. PTA--maybe not radical, but famously left-leaning.

    The document is the curriculum resulting from BO's bill. Do you support this curriculum for your 5-9 year old?


  23. Some trolls such as nurse K don't appear to have the ability to research a subject before opening their uneducated mouth's. As shadowfax pointed out IT WAS A STATE ISSUE. That's OK with the lies being spewed by some of the McCain commercials the inability for you to think for yourself may be an asset in this election. Don't you need to go back to your own website and rail at losers who came in to bother you during your ER shift tenderfoot?

  24. With kids getting killed left and right in Chicago and drop-out rates around 45-50%, really, the lawmakers should be legislating against miscellaneous non-essential education (and for school security to be packin' heat) if they're going to legislate anything at all. Does anyone else think that school should be about career preparation/functional literary/college prep besides me? BTW things like teen pregnancy are oftentimes associated with poor school performance and feelings of hopelessness with regards to one's future/options.

  25. with you 100% nurse k!!!

    and who cares what mccain does or doesnt do with his blackberry anyway...pffttt ridiculous

  26. Jeez nurse k will PLEASE read the legislation. I am no more of a fan of democratic lies than republican lies. Open your mind and don't believe everything that is on a 30 second soundbite beacause it comes from the party you a voting for. Unlike you I have actually voted for McCain in the past, that doesn't mean I believe what is on a campaign ad without fact checking. McCain's ads have gone from principled to the compost pile in the last month. Open your eyes and your mind.
    PS: I am not justifying the rabid left's acts on Palin on the internet, the diffence is that those ARE NOT national ads OK'sd by Abama. Big difference. Let's get the sleeze out and go back to the issues. This is just to important an election to go back to attack politics as usual (whoever you are voting for).

  27. i think a number of you need to go down for your naps as you sound like children

    shadowfax-since the nyt and cnn are openly campaigning for obama you might want to look to more credible sources

    and an er doc who shows absolutely no compassion for those with disabilities-whether or not those disabilities are a result of service to one's country-is quite frankly disgusting.

    and as an er doc you are hardly the be all end all expert on musculoskeletal injuries and the resulting numbness pain and difficulty with functional movements those injuries may cause

    let's give credit where credit is due-perhaps mccain is making better use of his time than those of us responding to this blog

  28. re: "since the nyt and cnn are openly campaigning for obama you might want to look to more credible sources"

    According to who? you? I am sorry anon but really have to look at the truth behind these ads (which I do on BOTH sides). Right now McCain's ad's are high on the lie meter.


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