22 August 2008

Why do people visit the ER? (Federal Version)

I previously blogged about the most common reasons patients come to visit our ER. I was browsing the National Health Statistics Report (what? doesn't everybody?) and the federally-sanctioned list of most common complaints caught my eye.

Bear in mind that 1% equates to about 1.3 million ER visits for that complaint.

That's a lotta tummyaches.

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  1. And just think... if you could get rid of ones showing up for back problems and skin rashes, you'd have a nice easy day of a few RTAs on your hands.

    I'll have to keep in mind that the next time I end up with Meningitis (and have a 3 hour wait) or my brother winds up with appendicitis (and a 6 hour wait... I know that's actually impossible) then perhaps the line is shorter at the GP. But then again, the GP is just going to send you to the ER for the LP for Meningitis, and certainly won't be cutting out that appendix. *sigh* I love this system I'm coming into.


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