23 August 2008

Obama-Biden '08

Biden, eh? Not terribly surprising -- a safe pick, but I was hoping for someone a little more unconventional. I can live with Biden. He's a reliable liberal (maybe more centrist than I would like), well-spoken, and a solid campaigner. He has the gravitas thing, and unimpeachable national security credentials, something which the GOP will portray as a weakness, but certainly makes the ticket stronger. It also boxes McCain in a bit on his VP pick. A lightweight pick with little experience (Jindal, e.g.) would probably get chewed up in the debates (as Edwards was in 2004). Which is the other thing I like about Biden. He's an unapologetic partisan attack dog with a gift for the sound bite. (He coined the Guiliani "Noun, verb, 9/11" slam.) If Obama can't or chooses not to after the jugular in his rhetoric, Biden will do so for him. By picking such a bulldog as his VP, Obama is signalling that he intends to aggressively engage the right wing on seriously policy issues and national security, and to win them. The democrats' defensive crouch is finally over.

The one complaint I might have the the ticket is not exactly euphonious. "Obama-Biden"? Too many "b"s too close to each other. "Clinton-Gore" and "Bush-Cheney" sounded great, punchy, memorable. "Obama-Biden" doesn't quite roll off the tongue quite the same way, does it? The new logo, however, looks pretty good:McCain called Biden to congratulate him and let him know he'd get back to him real soon with his debating partner.

Game on.


  1. Obama is making this too easy. With Foghorn Leghorn on his ticket, braying at the top of his lungs, "the One" will almost certainly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I'm beginning to enjoy this. I wonder which of Cindy's 8,000 houses McCain will watch his electoral landslide from?

  2. Yeah, and it's a pity that doddering Senator McGoo will have to watch the results on TV, because he ain't sharp enough to figure out how the internets work.

    Let me know how that works out.


  3. For sure!
    Actually, my one complaint on the strictly verbal side of it would be just an unfortunate similarity: As much as people have made the Osama/Obama mistake, it's too bad that "Obama Biden" is only a short skip and a jump to "Osama Binladen."

    I don't know. I may just be underestimating the classiness of people.

  4. Biden is really clever on foreign policy or something. I'm not being facetious. Check out the very end where he proposes giving 200 million dollars "no strings attached" to Iran less than a month after 9/11 so that it doesn't look like we want to kill all the Arabs (nevermind that Iranians aren't Arab and they keep trying to develop nukes).

    Sounds like he's got the right ideas on appeasement.

    Another interesting quote from this article written in 2001: Biden's admirers spin his undisciplined chatter as a kind of John McCain-esque straight talk.

  5. Chump.

    LOL. Methinks I hit the bullseye on that one.

  6. K,

    Thanks for the on-topic response. I'm not being facetious either.

    Seriously, that seemed to me like a fair and accurate assessment of Biden as I know him (which is to say, superficially at best). He's got strengths and weaknesses. the whole "talking without thinking" thing is potentially troublesome -- as it has been for McCain. It seems McCain has finally gotten religion regarding discipline and staying on message; I hope Biden does as well.

  7. Well, the problem with your party, besides all the logical fallacies it embraces, is a lack of a clear message. "We need change" is not a clear message. We are opposed to drilling oil in Alaska, well, maybe we're not opposed. Blah blah. Bush sucks, we need change.

    If you have a dude like Biden front-and-center rambling on and on like a nervous sophomore in high school who threw together a class presentation the night before on a topic he knows little about, that's really not going to help this lack of a clear message problem y'all have.

  8. Obama-Biden sounds a WHOLE lot like Osama Bin Laden........


  9. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” — Delaware Senator Joe Biden

    What's not to like about an old racist man that is exactly the epitomy of everything that Obama has pledged to be against. Excuse my sarcasm. So much for his message of change and being against the washington establishment.


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