21 August 2008

Noun, Verb, POW

One almost wonders if it's self-mockery: McCain's gaffe regarding his lifestyle of the rich, famous, and forgetful shouldn't count, according to his campaign because -- are you ready for it -- he was a POW! His invocation of his POW status is quickly approaching the level of Rudy's 9/11 shtick.

Also, this is cute:

I've always liked Feist. Well, I guess I mean I've always liked this song, because I've never heard anything else she's done.

And for those who are about to shred me (or Obama) in the comments, before you click that link, take a moment to consider McCain's recent advice to Obama: "Gotta keep your sense of humor."


  1. dude what is there to shred about? seriously. I'm tired of getting all of these damn anti-obama videos and emails and blah blah blah. So it's nice to see the other side too

  2. Yah. Medical posts, please.


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