04 August 2008

No story, just a picture.

I see Great Minds think alike. (And fools seldom differ.)

Note: always logroll your trauma patients.


  1. #1: All patients are always loaded.

    #2: Keep your patients pointed in a safe direction.

    #3: Keep your finger out of... Wait, wait, I'm overthinking this!

  2. That is awesome! Tho his lower back much kill from laying on the gun, then strapped to the backboard...

    I would be stoked to see that when doing a scan...

  3. I blame the paramedics.

    Always, always, always check your patients for weapons, needles, etc. They should have checked his back for injuries anyway.

    Yup, blame the medics.

  4. I agree with EE. That scan to me looks like a medic forgot to do his back check. Naughty naughty.

  5. Looks like a Glock or Ruger

  6. 1: That's a glock

    2: The ET Tube needs to come down a couple cm's.

  7. and that glock is loaded...

  8. and that glock is loaded...

    That's the scariest part...but I don't think that guy was going to be doing much fighting.

  9. You can think that it just behind his back. Also you can think that in his body and there are two way to get it there and one is more possible. rh32


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