18 August 2008

Even I can see that one

It was a new surgeon on call; I had not spoken with her before, but she seemed nice enough. I greeted her with the following bit of sparkling wit: "They say a pathognomonic sign of appendicitis is when the ER doctor can find the appendix on the CT scan without assistance. Well, I'm looking at an abdominal CT right now and I can see the appendix." She laughed and said she'd be happy to come right down. I think I'll get along with her fine. And yet again I amuse the heck out of myself.


  1. When were they first able to recognize and treat appendicitis?

    Can someone survive without treatment?

    I am just in aww of modern day medicine. People don't die of appendicities, asthma, child birth (the deadliest!) as much anymore.

  2. I am so impressed that you actually LOOKED at the CT all by yourself!

    Oh wait, did the tech point it out to you first?

    joking of course. Maybe it's just our ER docs who don't even look at the scans....

  3. i was told by my ER doc that he could see my appendix on the CT, but the radiologist did not think it was inflamed.
    I said "I don't know how it usually goes, but for me, ER doc trumps radiologist."
    The pathologist said after it was definitely appendicitis - he was surprised it didn't bother me sooner.


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