02 August 2008

Enough Boring Stuff

Sick of the Health Policy and finance stuff? Me too. Here's a nice freakshow case for your enjoyment.
You are looking at an x-ray of a man's abdomen. He refused to say what the items in his pelvis were or how they had come to be present there. You can see that the lower one appears to be a glass, perhaps a small tumbler, and that it is broken. He presented to the ER because he was passing blood. I do not know what the other item is -- it does not look like glass. I believe that the gentleman wound up with a diverting colostomy; I have not had a chance to talk to the surgeon who assumed care of this patient. I will post an update when the second item has been positively identified.

Yet another reminder that a rectum is a privilege, not a right.


  1. I'm appreciating the benefits of vanilla sex.

  2. CC: Rectal bleeding and pain.
    Me (MD): Have any foreign bodies been inserted?
    Patient: No foreign bodies. Only Americans.

  3. Candle and glass candle holder! Painful!


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