22 August 2008


So I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 0445, showered, dressed, skimmed the news, and left for work at 0530. I walked into work at 0600 carrying my cup of coffee. I hate the early shift.

A dozen pairs of eyes stared at me in surprise when I walked in. "What're you doing here?"
"Um, I'm here for my shift."
"No, Dr Johnson is here for the 6AM shift." Dr Johnson smiled at me as he picked up a chart.
"That can't be right. I double-checked my schedule, and I am sure I'm on at 6."
"Well, our schedule says it's Dr Johnson."
"You've gotta be kidding me." Damn. I checked, and they were right.

So I'm home and exceedingly unhappy about being awake.

Could be worse, though. Nothing sucks like getting the 615 call wondering where you are.


  1. What really sucks is when you go in on the wrong day, someone tells you that, and you pack up to leave. Then the staffing coordinator calls and floats you to another floor.

  2. Oh, man that really sucks. I feel for you. I am not an early morning person either.

  3. Have done that on a different level. When I was younger and had more energy I worked at 2 different hospitals. Luck had it I showed up at the wrong hospital for a shift. In reality I was supposed to be at the other hospital that was 30 minutes away.

    I got shit for that one from both sides for months. I was not able to live that one down for some time. My wife still rags on me for it.


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