25 July 2008


I got to my local Apple store today half an hour before it opened -- and there were already 20 people in line ahead of me. They apparently had about 40 or 50 phones, fortunately, so I scored one for me and one for the wifey. Hooray!

(credit for hysterical Flickr set of lego dudes unboxing the iPhone: ntr23)


  1. You're going to love it. I got my white 16G on day one (we braved the two hour line). ePocarates is a phenomenal app.

  2. Congrats! I got mine yesterday too and I can't put it down. I didn't own the first version of the iPhone so this is all very new and exciting to me. Do tell us if you find any indispensible apps.

  3. Sincere congrats!

    From the other side of the line :-)


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