09 June 2008

An Ironic Proof of Concept

I bought a cool generator for our house; a couple of years ago, this area lost power for two weeks in a windstorm. What with me working nights and my bride home alone so often with three little kids I wanted to make sure that there would never be a prolonged power outage. I went kind of nuts and bought a 12,000 watt triple fuel model (I want to be able to power the entire neighborhood):

It runs on gasoline and natural gas, so I can just plug it into the house line and let it run. I feel very manly every month or two when I pull it out and fire it up, just to make sure it's running and to circulate the oil a bit.

Yesterday when I hooked it up, to my surprise I found that it would not start. I realized in short order that the last time I had tested it, I had inadvertently left the power switch on and the battery was dead! After a short time on a battery charger, it was up and running, and I was left, chagrined, to reflect on two thoughts:

  1. It's a damn good thing I had tested it.
  2. How ironic would it have been had there been an outage and the generator itself was dead?
I made double certain to properly secure the device this time...


  1. You're such a nice hubby...
    at least when the batteries are charged!

  2. I took one look at the picture and laughed! Only a man would think of buying such a beast. Too funny!
    At least, I hope yo get to use it, it would be a shame not to. :-D


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