02 June 2008

Found at the doctor's desk

Now why would anybody in their right mind sterilize a reflex hammer? Can you answer me that?!

Although, as I have learned previously, the central sterile supply processing people simply do not ask questions. If it shows up in their bin, they sterilize it.

Nice to have in case I have to do a sterile reflex exam.


  1. The important take-home information from this story should not be about hammers, but about the fact that you can now get *anything* smaller than a breadbox sterilized.

    Think of the possibilities!


  2. What if you used the hammer on someone's MRSA infested abscess having knee to test reflexes and got MRSA juice all over it?

    It would need to be sterilized then!

    (Ok, ok, so I gave it my best shot...)

  3. It makes one ponder just HOW those pesky reflexes were checked ;)

  4. I don't think I want to know where it was that possessed someone to think it best be sterilized.

  5. I think the real question is: what item that you could send down for sterilization would then have the highest joke potential?

  6. Very funny! I love that last comment. Why not send down a stethoscope or tongue depressor or the like to be sterilized? Hey, stop on by my blog when you get a chance. Just finishing up residency!

  7. Very cute. I wonder if they'd sterilize a desk-top teaching tool like a 3-D knee anatomy sculpture?

  8. I think I'll stick some of my borderline cutters' razor blades in there. By the time they're dicharged from the hospital, the razor blade will be done and ready to go. Infection control, baybee. Florence Nightengale would be proud of me.

  9. Is that for someone who is paranoid of germs?

    Maybe it's a sign that we need to install sterilization machines in homes nowadays. They could be a common appliance, between the oven and the dishwasher.
    -"You need a new notebook for school? Well, don't forget to sterilize it!"
    -"Got a new game at the store today? Be sure to sterilize it before we play!"
    -"Picked up a book from the library? Sterilize it before you read it!"
    or, my personal favorite-
    -"Bought hand soap and bar soap? Don't forget to sterilize the soap before you actually use it!"


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