19 June 2008


Tonight was sparring night at Karate; I have sustained the following:

  • Jammed right great toe
  • Contusion, right patella and suprapatellar tendon
  • Bilateral quadriceps contusions
  • Right elbow contusion
  • Left thumb subungual hematoma
Any coders out there? What does that work out to?

(And let the record reflect that I gave better than I got. Well, except for one nasty Sandan who got in some good licks.)


  1. Here's a way to procrastinate your pain:

    Get into a grappling martial art, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    After rolling around for awhile, I feel fine. I'm forgoing bruises now for joint replacements in twenty years.

  2. Your style kicks low, I guess (good plan).

    Have you read James Canney's Martial Arts Injuries (1991, London, A & C Black)?


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