24 May 2008

Unfit for the Office

Hillary suggests that she should remain in the race, just in case, you know, Obama is assassinated or something.

Well, of course that's not what she meant, but it's what she said. No take-backs on this one. Sorry, ma'am, once you invoke the specter of your opponent's potential violent death, you have officially jumped the shark, crossed the Rubicon, committed the mortal sin, and you need to be done. Now.

The woman is pathologic.

Olbermann says it better than ever I could. And summarizes the litany of other lies, distortions and deceptions the Clinton campaign has committed over the past five months.

To her credit, she did apologize. Sort of. To the Kennedys. Not to Obama, though, and a grudging half-apology at that, playing the "misunderstood victim" card.

Shameless, utterly shameless.


  1. She needs to stop,that's for sure.This is all about her ego now,she doesn't care what happens to the party or the country now.
    "Come on.......sit down,you're done."

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  3. For me, her lowest point was showing up in Kentucky and West Virginia after her routes of Obama there, proclaiming the blow-outs to be key evidence that her campaign was back in the game. She knew damn well what was going on with the odd results in those two places, and it had nothing to do with her campaign, and a lot more to do with the shade of her skin.

    Completely shameful, delusional and desperate as far as I'm concerned. It's impossible to have respect for someone after they pull that garbage. And she took entirely too little criticism for that from the press.


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