04 May 2008


Funny story -- the Democrats ran an ad, the entire substance of which is John McCain in his own words:

The Republican National Committee is suing to keep it off the air, calling it "false and defamatory."

I'm not a lawyer, but can it possibly be defamatory to simply air McCain's own, unscripted views?

(Note: McCain and his apologists are now claiming that he didn't mean he wants to stay fighting in Iraq for a hundred years, but to stay in another, hypothetical Iraq, where there's no fighting and we're basically just hanging out and drinking lemonade. I agree -- I'd like to find that Irag and go there, because it beats the hell out of the quagmire we're in right now.)


  1. No, unless the quote is presented in a way, i,e, out of context, that the presentation alters the content of the words spoken.
    You, know, like Hillary's "I'm f__ing Obama" video making the You Tube rounds...

  2. The problem is the American public only has a 5 second attention span so stuff like this works. Just like the Rev Wright excerpts. Am I being way to cynical if I were to say we are a nation of Homer Simpsons? Although I hope we can snap out of it long enough to make some changes this election year.


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