03 May 2008

Novel Medical Use for an iPhone

Letting children bask in the reflected glory of an iPhone apparently hypnotizes and soothes their nerves enough that it is possible to perform surgery without anesthesia. At least that was the gist I got from this overly messianic Gizmodo article.

As if! When I am blessed enough to carry one of those holy articles, there's no way I will let horrible, grubby children touch it. Not even mine.

Fake Steve Jobs weighs in:
Please be responsible. Do not use the hypnotic power of iPhone to knock people out in places that are not appropriate. Like on the subway, or while sitting in traffic, or in restaurants, or on dates. And yes, Woz, I'm talking to you. Freak.

I cannot wait for June 27 to come.


  1. So much for "he slipped something into my drink" allegations: Now it will be, "He showed me his IPhone" Defense attn: He showed you his what?

  2. I don't know what was funnier about that article; the article itself or the comments below. Seriously. Especially this one:

    "But how does it work?"

    The iPhone is about the right size and heft for a kid-sized brick, and you know, people calm right down when you smack them on the head with a brick...

    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. With my kids running wild all over the house today, I could have used a kid-sized brick...

  4. No, not without anaesthesia: without pre-anaesthesia sedation.

    He makes the difference explicit: "The benefit not only makes the children a little bit less nervous: without sedatives, kids wake up smoother and are less drowsy after the operation, so they can get back home more quickly."


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