05 May 2008

My Reputation Precedes Me

I am, it is sad to say, a chronically late individual. This is not the greatest trait to have in an ER doc; the single most important thing about being the ER doc is you have to be there. In training, after a few weeks of enduring withering stares from the chief as I strolled in late, I learned to be on time to work.

More or less.

The other day, I made a special effort to be a little early to work, and with a minor traffic delay I walked in right on time, exactly to the minute that I was supposed to be there. I greeted my two partners who were at the physicians' desk filling out their charts. They looked at the clock, and one of them groaned and, wordlessly, pulled out ten dollars and gave it to the other.

"You're killing me," he complained, "I had you down for five after."

So the moral of the story is that when people start taking bets on how late you are going to be, it is time to change your ways with regard to getting to work on time.


  1. HAHAHAHA! We bet on shit like this all the time at my place of work!

  2. I'm the same way.
    Always five minutes late.
    They call it the "WhiteCoat five."
    Gotta stop doing that.

  3. I've had two statement help guide me in my attempts to show up on time:
    1) there is no early, only on time or late
    2) If they can start without you, it's probably not important enough to go at all.


  4. Try setting all your clocks "ten minutes fast" then forget about them;)

    Just kidding:)


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