24 April 2008

Parenting advice

Josh recently had a baby boy. (Congratulations!)

He got some sage advice from one of his coworkers. Go read it, really. It's work it.


  1. //Josh recently had a baby boy//

    A medical miracle, apparently. How can I say this gently...men don't have babies. He became the father of a baby boy. His wife/partner/surrogate gave birth to a baby boy.
    If Josh had the baby, it should be in the newspapers.
    This all grows out of the new and loathsome expression: We're pregnant. Only females of our particular species get pregnant. It's a team sport getting pregnant but only one IS pregnant.

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  4. Oh, yeah, and there is more to the advice. Our house is over 70 years old. The person giving me the advice had his first drug experiences in that house when his brother lived there. His nephew, in fact, might have had the same room for a nursery.

  5. Oh bc, get over yourself.

    Thanks for pointing out the advice, Shadowfax, I'll keep it in mind. Haha.


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