02 April 2008

Chaos Theory

Musing on the challenges of transitioning to a new ER over at MedPage Today.


  1. Try some soothing harp music during the transition like this hospital did:


  2. I have a close friend who is an ER doc, and about 18 months ago, her ER moved to from an old facility to a newly built one about a mile away.

    Judging by her rants, the biggest problems they had were not so much infrastructure failures (although I think they had some problem that left them without x-rays for like 4 hours, and that was a huge pain). It was supplies -- people didn't know where things were kept in the new facility, and it was especially a problem no one seemed to know where the larger stores of supplies were or how and who could access them to re-stock. This was compounded at every level by there not yet being set places for things and therefore things moving around or getting re-stocked in a different place than they used to be. At one point they were stuck because it was the middle of the night and they didn't have any printer paper and they couldn't print discharge instructions, so they couldn't discharge anyone. I'm not sure how to fix this (beyond perhaps judicious use of a labeling machine?) but maybe you guys can learn from their pain.


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