07 March 2008

Resistance... weakening

With the release of the iPhone SDK, the iPhone now has epocrates running native on it, according to Mac Rumors.

The epocrates site implies that it's still a browser-based interface; maybe they just haven't updated the web site.

I use epocrates all the time. I used to use it on my Sony Clie (Palm OS), then on my BlackBerry Pearl, but I always found the sync features buggy and since our ER now has an EMR, I spend a lot of time at a PC workstation and so I just have the free on-line epocrates bookmarked. But it's insanely useful, and if it were available for the iPhone, and worked well, I'd go back to putting it in my hip pocket, even if that meant paying for it.

When I don't use epocrates, I get a lot of phone calls from bemused pharmacists, saying tactfully, "Doctor, you didn't really mean to prescribe this, did you? You know the more common dose is..."

Damn I want an iPhone. Five more months until my t-mobile contract expires, and hopefully by then the next-gen iPhone will be out, with the faster EDGE 3G web browsing.

Five months.



  1. The tech blogs are suggesting that the there is a iPhone browser optimized epocrates online now with a stored database version in the works.

    The Independent Urologist describes using a college's iPhone to send e-prescriptions from the hospital when he forgot a paper script pad. http://theindependenturologist.blogspot.com/2008/02/e-rx-good-use-for-i-phone.html

  2. I think you meant you are waiting for the faster 3G networking version of the iPhone. It's already on EDGE.

    And I hear ya, iPhone with epocrates native is very tempting.

  3. Um, yeah, that's what I meant, the 3G network.


  4. Still haven't tried an iPhone. Did try an HTC Touch with Sprint, though; it works wonderfully for what it does. I returned it only because I don't use such devices for what they're intended, being smartphones and such.

    I'm also contracted through Sprint until 2010, so... yeah. So much for that idea. :x

  5. I'm doing EXACTLY the same thing....Sprint contract is up...WANT iPHONE....Need native epocrates...3 months til SDK...Maybe as a graduation self-gift

    Sorry, post call grammar.

  6. Maybe it's good you're still under contract. My contract with Sprint ran out last month, and I've wanted an iPhone since they came out, but I'm afraid of buying one and having the 3G model come out immediately after. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Apple will introduce a new one this year and trying my best to wait until then

  7. 3G is the most we can hope for, I don't think we'll see any drastic changes to the iPhone because they probably want to focus on making this SDK really high quality so that developers can make applications of similar quality.

    Also, I am envious of your 5 months. I have another 11 months of T-Mobile suckiness.

  8. I'm dying to get my hands on a new Iphone; however, I can't justify the $500 purchase price. Hopefully by the time my contract with Sprint is up in 2009 they'll come down in price and have more storage capacity.

  9. Don't feel like the lone ranger. I want an iPhone too. They're just beautiful little design-gems that have everything I need and use right there, and they play videos and music and let you surf the web the way it actually looks, too. I mean, the Treo is nice, but damn. (I think my contract ends right around my birthday in October, which should work out very nicely.)


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