10 March 2008

I get emails

from my in-box:

Kandahar Afghanistan

ED docs, or non-ED docs with significant ED experience, wanted for Medical Crash Crew service in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Rotations 10 weeks on/ 5 weeks off. Medical evac insurance, travel, accommodation and life support provided. Safe base, no work outside the base, and team is part of NATO support staff.

Pay is in Euro, tax free, with bonuses and superannuation ( pension plan) payment of 9% extra. Locum enquiries welcomed. We have an urgent need for a physician to deploy and be in location for 10 weeks from 3 May 2008. ( As the applicant pulled out-his wife, who wears the pants, was watching CNN too much and had a very active imagination) Lesser locum periods are possible but will definitely need to be negotiated.

Salary expectation is: EUR 48,000 for 10 weeks tax free. This is approximately USD$74,000 for 10 weeks at present exchange rates.
Yow. Suffice it to say with a new baby in the house I am not heading overseas any times soon. I'm not endorsing or promoting this offer, by the way. Just, yow.


  1. send it to a friend and ask for a 20% finder's fee. :)

  2. Sounds like a good deal. I would be up for it if I had my MD.

  3. Just curious....

    Overall, its a 15 week rotation 10 over, 5 Home. 52 wks/yr. 52/15= 3.4 (rounded) rotations a year. 3.4 rotations * $74K per rotation = approx 240K a year.

    Or not much over what you could be making in the states according to this: http://www.allied-physicians.com/salary_surveys/physician-salaries.htm

    For working in Afghanistan.

    Sorry, no thanks!

    The security guys make that, and they get training AND guns AND can shoot back when it all (inevitably) hits the fan.

  4. Yeah, the differential is not that great, unless you hold on to the Euros. They're looking to be a pretty good investment these days...

  5. Tax free is like a 50-60K bonus though. Maybe more next year if Obama and/or Hillary wins.

    OF course if they win, we won't need to go places like Afghanistan ever again, because the bad guys won't exist anymore.

  6. I'm currently working an RN gig that is 7K per week for 10 weeks. The MDs are getting 10K per week. I'm on my 3rd cycle and loving it.

  7. is it really tax free? or just tax free if you don't report it?


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