04 March 2008

I almost forgot to link this

WhiteCoat over at the eponymously named WhiteCoat Rants has struck a deal with Scrubsgallery.com to sponsor my St Baldrick's day shave!

The deal is this:

ScrubsGallery.com has offered to donate $10 to ShadowFax’s efforts, up to a total of $500, for each purchase made at the ScrubsGallery.com web site. Buy a scrub top for $15 and $10 of your purchase goes to St. Baldricks. Buy a lab jacket for $18 and $10 of your purchase goes to St. Baldricks. Buy a stethoscope for $9.95 and St. Baldricks still gets $10. Even better is that you get free shipping on orders more than $29.

I can't thank ScrubsGallery.com and WhiteCoat enough for this creative collaboration -- all their idea -- I had nothing to do with it! So, if you happen to be in the market for some new scrubs in the next ten days, get thee over to ScrubsGallery.com and peruse some of their fine merchandise.

And if you haven't yet, there's still plenty of time to donate to St Baldrick's. Click the image below to help me get to my new, improved goal of $20,000, crush JimII and his lawyer friends, and contribute to curing kids' cancer!


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  1. Also recognize that the team, Nathan's Network is just $200.50 shy of $30,000! Be the one who pushes us over the edge!



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