01 February 2008

Watch me!

Apparently I am one of the "Ten Health Blogs to Watch in 2008," according to "Dr Manny," managing editor of Fox News Health. I will never again claim that Fox is biased against liberals! Well, not their health division, anyways. Still, quite an honor, and thanks to Dr Manny and his team for selecting me.

So there you go, America. You have your marching orders: Watch me!


  1. That is AWESOME! Wow, congratulations. Good work. I also notice he approves of your periodic ventures into politics. Very nice.

  2. Well done. Interesting that the article was written by a freelance writer, Lawrence La Raia, not Dr. Manny himself. Must be one of those deals where they use his face/name and then hire a bunch of people to write pieces for them.

  3. Well, how do you think I write this blog? I'm way too busy -- and too important -- to do it myself.
    I just outsource it to some semi-literate hobo who lives in the dumpster behind the Quick-E-Mart.

    I don't think anybody has noticed so far.

  4. He listed me last year on a list of five good doctor blogs. Sent me his book, too, which I haven't read. There was an impressive bump in traffic for a few days, which I enjoyed. Now he's passed me by, as well he should have, as I fade. Congrats. You most definitely have the chops!

  5. @ shadowfax:

    That's the American way. It keeps my belly full of blueberry Squishees, Krusty-O's, and Duff Beer.

    Keep up the good work.


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