04 February 2008

A Surge that I approve of

From Pollster.com

Obama and Patriots fan Ted Kennedy were at Giants home stadium The Meadowlands today. Said Barack, "This campaign is about bringing people together, and for me to be able to bring a Patriots fan to the Meadowlands the day after the Super Bowl is like bringing the lion and the lamb together. We can bridge all gaps and all divisions in this country."

Obama then congratulated Giants fans, and said he had been commiserating with Kennedy. "My Bears didn't even make the playoffs," Obama said. "Although I think we should take heart, Ted, by the fact that sometimes the underdog pulls it out."


  1. Do you really think Obama is going to get all of the Gore votes (that's what happened in the graph you posted)?

    I seriously doubt it. Garbage in, garbage out.

  2. This is just a "best fit" regression graph of all the publicly published polls. Whether the Obama surge came from Gore or Edwards or undecided voters is not addressed by the graph. Each poll varies in methodology, and most stopped including Gore by Aug 2007.

    So, I have no idea whether O will "get" all those votes, but I certainly approve of the trendlines.

  3. Edwards stayed flat. Hillary! stayed flat. Obama only increased when they stopped counting Gore's votes.

    res ipsa loquitur

    (although I admit I'd prefer Obama to Shrillary.)

  4. It became clear that Gore wasn't going to run at the same time people started really paying attention to the race. Obama has consistently chipped away at Sen. Clinton's lead since then.


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