03 February 2008

Sunday Moring Obama-rama

I don't see McCain's supporters coming out with anything as cool as this.

Obama up by 2 points in California today, according to one poll. Of course, it's Zogby, and their polls are so reliably wrong that it may not actually be good news for O. But still, after a couple weeks' surge, he's drawn very close, and this is the first poll to show him with a lead. So we can hope.

Among the blizzard of endorsements this week, almost lost was the fact that Hillary has drawn
the most unexpected - and possibly unwanted - endorsement of the whole race so far. If word of it gets out, it may just propel Obama to the nomination.

I don't get the whole McCain-hating thing. I don't like him and don't want him to be president, but he seems like a perfectly reasonable choice for the GOP; possibly the most electable. I'd make a joke about Republicans eating their young, but I suppose it's far too late to refer to Grampa John as "young."


  1. So we can hope.

    Yes we can.

  2. I posted that video twice on my blog, and in each case the video soon became "unavailable." But I found it inspiring, as I do the man.


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