17 February 2008

Sponsor my scalp!

Just in case anyone has forgotten, I'll be shaving my head on St Patrick's weekend as part of a fund-raiser for pediatric cancer research.

I'm really close to my goal of $10,000 -- at about $8200 as of this writing. I can use every little bit towards my goal; no amount is too small or too large to help. So if you are reading this, I ask you to consider clicking on the link and contributing a small amount towards a cure for all variety of cancers that strike down kids.

I am doing this in memory of my friend Nathan Gentry, who lost his battle with neuroblastoma this past summer, and also in honor of Henry, who is as you read this an inpatient at Johns Hopkins getting a bone marrow transplant for medulloblastoma.

Whatever you can give is appreciated -- even just $10, $25, or $50. Some readers of this blog, people I have never met in person, have donated as much as $500! I'm overwhelmed by that sort of generosity. But I don't need big donations to hit my goal. I'm so close that even just a dozen modest gifts will put us over the top. Will you be the one to step up to the plate? I hope so.

Here's how it works: you click the image below. It takes you to my page on St Baldrick's website, and you can make your secure, tax-deductible donation by clicking the "Donate Online" link. Then you feel the warm tingly goodness of karma suffuse your body, and in a few weeks, I send you an email with an image of my pristine, gleaming scalp, and you get to chuckle at how goofy I look.


I'm already over $9,000! You guys rock!

If for any reason you have trouble with, or are uncomfortable with donating online, you can call the Baldrick's phone number and donate over the phone. The number is (888) 899-BALD. Happy donating!


  1. Shadowfax,

    Thank you so much for doing this. I keep up with your progress and it's absolutely heartwarming to know that so many people, most of which we have never, or will never meet, are so moved to help. Thank you for your generosity.

    (Henry's Dad)

  2. You are more than welcome. It's an honor and a pleasure. Just FYI, I look to be over $10K now.

    Hmmm. I've still a month to go. I need to re-assess that goal...


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