19 February 2008


Ooops. I almost forgot. My latest musings can be found over at MedPage Today:

I made a mistake recently, a fairly serious one. We don't much like to talk about our mistakes in medicine; when they're not so obvious that the lawyers get involved, or if they aren't so egregious that they get sent to the medical staff quality committee, then they tend to get swept quietly under the rug.

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  1. Looking forward to ROOT CAUSES: Part Two.

    And, CONGRATULATIONS on exceeding your goal for
    St Baldrick's Foundation this year!

    Henry's "Granya"

  2. Can't wait for part two. I've been aware of the aviation analogy for years, and have been waiting for medicine to catch up in its attitude about analyzing mistakes. I left the nursing profession 20 years ago--the public "we don't make mistakes" stance was part of what scared me off! What factors do you see as needed to make changes?

  3. Interesting timing.

    My sister-in-law died yesterday at the completion of a medical procedure. Her heart rate dropped suddenly at the end of the procedure and although they tried to bring her back for close to an hour, she died.

    Now my brother is not out for blood or money, just answers as to why his wife died. The doctors said they have no idea and she shouldn't have died. The coroner is now involved since no one can figure out why she died.

    It will be interesting to see what,if anything, the autopsy reveals.


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