29 February 2008

Pharma Shenanigans

Some of you may remember that a few months ago I was interested in trying out Provigil, a medication that's FDA Approved[tm] for shift work sleep disorder (whatever that is). I was surprised to learn how expensive it was -- about $10 a pill, and my insurance did not cover it.

Funny story. Turns out that its maker, Cephalon, was playing some funny games to prop up the price, quite possibly illegally. Details over at my blog on MedPage Today.

Oh, and the Provigil? It worked great. I was mentally sharp at 0300, no headache or hangover, no jitteriness. Something akin to a wonder drug, I thought.

But it gave me hives. So much for that.


  1. I'm surprised it's that expensive. It's $300 or so for a box of 60 here, and only covered by our national health insurance for narcolepsy (one of my friends takes it for narcolepsy). I am tempted to get a box for the same purposes you have described -- especially on those cusp days when you are changing to a different shift pattern.

  2. I've never had a "hive". Can you explain why it's so bad as to disqualify such a great benefit as you describe?



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