01 February 2008

Pay for Performance

Think it's going away any time soon? Think again:

Senators Call On CMS To Expand PQRI
Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus and Minority Member Charles Grassley sent a letter to the director of CMS on January 23 urging the agency to expand on its efforts to link physician payments to quality of care. The influential Senators told CMS they plan to introduce legislation that will extend the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) into 2009 and beyond.
Building on the recommendations enacted in the Medicare Extension Act of 2007, Baucus and Grassley suggested pooling quality data from multiple payers, and allowing providers to report performance data in the aggregate. The letter noted that "we believe that greater focus should be placed on measures that assess higher levels of performance rather than adherence to minimum standards of competence."
The lawmakers also said they plan to pursue statutory authority for CMS to post on its website the names of providers that satisfactorily participate in PQRI.

See the updated Emergency Medicine measures over at MedPage Today.

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  1. So if a patient is non-compliant doctors will drop him in a hot second as reimbursement will be affected.

    Yeah. Really bright idea.


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