11 February 2008

A Nasty Little Game

Pretty simple concept. You're a virus, and you can mutate, acquiring and shedding characteristics of transmissibility, lethality, and visibility. You need to spread to get a toehold on every continent before the world community closes the borders. Choose your attributes carefully -- become too lethal, too quickly, and you'll fall victim to a quarantine! You win by eradicating mankind.

Not terribly realistic, of course, but realistic enough to be a little scary. I think in fact the game's logic underestimates how rapidly a highly infectious disease would spread worldwide (SARS, anyone?) and overestimates how effective "closing borders" would be. Fortunately, the lethality component also is overstated, but then, what fun is it being a virus if you don't get to depopulate the globe?

Via Richard S Matthews.


  1. Passed it (the game) onto my kid; his comments:

    It's a really cool game, but I can't figure out how to infect western Europe...I made myself as infectable as possible and avoided obvious signs that I was there...the one time I started in western Europe, I miraculously made it to Africa but missed some other continents.

    Thanks though, it was fun...I love destroying the human race."

    Ah, the simple pleasures.

  2. Great game. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fun game. Albeit very simple, primitive and short.

    Now I wonder how possible it is to engineer a virus to kill 99% of human population (cant kill all the bastards because someone will have some genetical mutation that will make them surivive).

    I was thinking something in line with airborne HIV. -Very nice because it doesnt kill in itself but lets other diseases finish you and so it is hard to detect it . Infect enough population before people even get to know that you exist and when they do it will be too late.

  4. How about that, I am in fact reading your blog while playing Pandemic 2. Good times, now if only I could do better than 100k points!


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