11 February 2009

How's your Irish?

Mine's not so great, either. But the music doesn't need words.


  1. Gaelic...not "Irish".

    But great music.......Pattie RN

  2. Great post, SF! I'll bet you miss these guys (I do).

    For Anonymous of 2/11/09, I used to think that too. But actually, referring to the Irish language as Gaelic pretty much identifies us as Americans. If you're speaking English in Ireland you'd refer to the Irish language as Irish. If you're speaking Irish in Ireland you'd refer to it as Gaeilge (note the spelling), which isn't pronounced GAY-lik; it's pronounced closer to GOY-ill-guh.

    Open to correction from anybody who has more Irish than I do!

    TG4 so rocks. Go raibh maith agat, Shadowfax.

  3. Gingerale,

    Right on.

    Tá fáilte romhat!



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