01 February 2008

Farewell to CARS

A sad day. The Crazy Apple Rumors Site, known generally as CARS, has gone on hiatus, after apparently losing their funding. Damn, I'm gonna miss "them." They always had the best sources for rumors about upcoming Apple products, and insightful analysis of the technical specs of newly released Macs. Nowhere else could you get the insider's view of Apple executives, including recluse and alleged Canadian Phil Schiller. Their liveblogging of the MacExpo keynotes was legendary. And don't forget that it was CARS who put sexbots at the top of Apple fans' wish list. (Editor in chief John Moltz remains the first and only man in human history to utter the word "sexbots" on NPR.) I'll even miss their somewhat perplexing and off-topic fascination with the intersection of Apple computers and certain foodstuffs such as pudding, waffles, and, um, more pudding.

Technology! Whisky! Sexy!

Damn. Guess I'll go on over to As the Apple Turns and vote in their poll for the 300th time.

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