25 February 2008

Don't let the lawyers win!

Sorry for the extended silence. I had family in town and was working and my three-year-old had a birthday party, so I've had not a second to sit down and think, much less blog. Life is getting back to normal now, so hopefully I can get back to a regular publishing routine.

I hate to return with some bad news but here it is:

Though I have hit my goal in St Baldrick's donations (yay!), Jim II, self-righteous frequent commenter, and notorious shyster lawyer is closing in on me!

Apparently, this shameless parasite has reached out to his well-heeled friends in the -- grr -- legal community -- and is using their ill-gotten monies to try to topple me off my throne as highest fund-raiser for Nathan's Network. Now, this isn't about ego, and it isn't about me. It's about the honor and integrity of those of us in the health care professions. We simply cannot allow the lawyers to outdo us!

So, I beseech you, please, take a moment, dig deep, and click on the link below to make a donation to Nathan's Network, and send a message to the Trial Lawyer's Association: we doctors, nurses, and allied health care professionals are morally superior to you.

Oh, yeah, and erm, support the kids. Them too.



  1. Hm...you stole my description of JimII.

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