28 January 2008


Not to be confused with tagalog.

My thoughts at MedPage Today.


JimII said...

It thought it was going to be a post about tagalongs. http://tinyurl.com/h93lx

Christopher said...


I misjudged you and for that, I apologize. (you'll find my previous correspondence in the 1/15/08 post).

After *truly* reading the bulk of your blog and realizing the balancing act between medicine, detective work, drama and humanity that you and many other *good* ED docs do, well- I feel like a bit of a choad.

So- sorry. About. That. Please keep up the good work.



PS- I still think you should consider the whole radiology option. Better yet- *sub specialty* radiology! Think of that Porsche, man...think of that Porsche.