06 January 2008

Sunday Morning Snark

From an open thread over at the Great Orange Satan, a comprehensive list of the various (non-obscene) nicknames applied to the current occupant of the Oval Office:

The Decider
The Boy King
Smirky McStumbletounge
Worst. President. Ever.
Moron in Chief
That Man
King George
Clown Prince
Miserable failure
Bush the lesser
Commander Codpiece
(and his little Weapon of Mass Destruction)
Reverse Midas
Bubble Boy
The Texecutioner
Dr Zeaus
Commander Cuckoo-Bananas
Chimpy McFlightsuit
Dear Leader
The Uniter
Mission Accomplisher
Incurious George
The village idiot
The Turdmaster (c. ref. "Turdblossom" Rove)
C+ Augustus
Mr. Misunderestimated
Mr 24 percent
Commander in thief
Pretzel boy
Dick Cheney's hand puppet
President* Bush (*disputed)
President Rainman
Mr Malaprop
The Lame Duck
Little Lord Pissy Pants
Mayberry Machiavelli

[photo: Northrop SM-62 Snark Guided Missile]


  1. Here's mine: Spurious George

    I had been operating under the assumption that I was the only one who thought that up, but others have too (there's even a website), proving once again that great minds think alike.

  2. I like these nicknames because it makes liberals look like clever little 4th graders rather than the usual obnoxious little 4th graders.

    Dumbya! Oh, how funny is that! A combination of "W" and "Dumb".

    *Rolls eyes*

  3. Cute. It is really funny to see liberals with their panties all bunched up.

  4. Which is true: People other than liberals do not approve of George Bush, or just over 70% of the country is liberal?

  5. His disapproval rating has never been 70%. In fact, it's pretty close (60%) to Hillary's (52%). But yes, some nonliberals generally disapprove of Bush's performance. But I doubt many of them approve of the idiotic liberal name-calling.

  6. Garrison Keillor always used to just refer to him as the Current Occupant, which I thought was just right.

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  8. Ah, I was careful to say that 70% do not approve rather than 70% disapprove. Just about seven in ten Americans are not among those who approve of the President.

    Re: Hillary, the only sad thing about Obama delivering us from the politics of fear of the policies of failure is that it will be so much easier for conservatives to deal with than Clinton 44.

    Oh well, I guess somebody has to think about what is best for the country rather than what is worst for their enemies.

  9. My New Years Resolution for 2008 is that I learn to be as tricky as JimII.

  10. I believe that is called the Audacity of Hope.

  11. I'm sorry, guys. You're right--we don't NEED name-calling. What good has come out of the last eight years? More people are dead in Iraq than were killed on 9/11. Our economy is hurtling toward recession. The dollar is at its lowest point in years. We are not respected (or feared, for that matter) on the world stage anymore. We've ignored Bin Laden, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan at our own peril...

    Ugh, I swore I wouldn't comment on political stuff, but I guess we all have a first time for everything.

  12. He's not tricky, he's just bad at math.

  13. When I read this list of sophomoric cheap shots, the question that occured to me was: "These people call BUSH dumb?"


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