20 January 2008

No Snark, just Interesting

I try, I really try, not to get sucked into the horse-race element of the electoral process. But I can't help it. The Nevada results had been in for hours, and the South Carolina Republican results were still pending, and there I was, clicking "refresh" on the CNN page like a rat with an electrode implanted in its nucleus accumbens. It's just too exciting; I can't help myself.

And I'm not even a freaking Republican!

My humble observations:

  • The Press is all over itself anointing St McCain after his Big Win, yet it is little mentioned that prior to today, Romney had more delegates than McCain, and after today, his lead has grown even larger.
  • Oddly, though Hillary beat Obama in Nevada, Obama apparently won more delegates.
  • Has any front-runner in the national polls ever crashed and burned as spectacularly as Giuliani? Just a month ago, he led in the national polls by a significant margin. After five states, he has received barely half the popular votes of fringe candidate Ron Paul.
  • The degree to which the press loves McCain is matched only by the passion with which major elements of the GOP establishment hate McCain. Rush said that if McCain gets the nomination, it will "destroy the Republican party." Tom DeLay had a similar sentiment and added that McCain is unprincipled and refused to endorse McCain should he be the eventual nominee. I don't get it. McCain seems plenty conservative -- way too much for my tastes. Why the animus? (Bonus points for irony: DeLay called someone else unprincipled!)
  • Strangely, this makes me more open to McCain, maybe on the theory of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend..."
  • Rush has been openly supporting Romney, which is strange, given Romney's not-exactly-spotless conservative credentials. Julia at FireDogLake has an insightful and amusing explanation of why this might be the case.
  • Duncan Hunter drops out of the race, and Grandpa Fred does not, surprising the 99% of the electorate who were unaware they were still running.
  • So if I understand the current dynamic correctly: neo-cons hate Huckabee, evangelicals and movement conservatives hate McCain, corporate conservatives support Romney, tolerate McCain, and fear Huckabee. There's an old saw in politics, "When your opponent is drowning, you throw the sumbitch an anchor." In that spirit, I offer the timeless words of the philosopher Nelson:


  1. You're not alone.

    I asked friends to text me with updates since I had to work.

  2. Firedoglake really isn't the optimal source for reasoned opinion on Republicans...or much of anything else for that matter.

  3. Don't fall for all the BS about Republican “chaos.” Their primary process will eventually produce a nominee considerably less bloody than Hillary will be after the Obama fight.

    Speaking of which, if the skullduggery that went on in Nevada (a good description of which can be found at Andrew Sullivan’s blog) continues, it will almost certainly suppress African-American turnout in November, which will be death for the Dems.

    And there is always the Republican secret weapon: Hillary herself. She will be the Democratic nominee and will inspire the largest turnout of Republican voters for the general election that we have seen in decades.

    So, don't be too complacent. We knuckle-draggers will probably prevail in the end. Bwahahahaha ...

  4. Yeah, I read something about Grandpa's speech where he said something about "kids in bed." I then looked this up, as my opinion to this point was "Wow, they let him out of the nursing home this long!" and found out he has like a 5 year old and a toddler and proud of his "trophy wife!" (his words)

    Amazing what a Geritol/Viagra/Megace cocktail will do!

  5. McCain's a "big-government conservative." And yes, that's supposed to be a contradiction in terms, but the conservative wing of the party of my youth has been hijacked by these RINOs.

    McCain is against free speech (at least non-incumbent political speech, cf. the McCain-Feingold Act), but in favor of government intervention in personal medical decision-making (cf. Terry Schiavo).

    Catron may be right that the GOP will pull it out because the Democrats have a remarkable ability to self-destruct when the time comes. But if in winning, we get McCain, then it's a Pyrrhic victory at best.

    Our only hope is that McCain picks a decent VP so that when McCain croaks in office we end up better off.

  6. You are so right about Giuliani. The guy has absolutely no concept of momentum. Four percent in South Carolina? Dear Lord, who is advising this guy?


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