22 January 2008

A New Champion!

Anyone who has ever worked in the ER has at some point participated in a "Guess the Blood Alcohol Level" pool. We're a jaded bunch in the ER, and a level usually needs to be over 400 to be considered truly high, and not till it's over 500 are we generally impressed.

Bear in mind the legal limit in most states is 80.

But I read about a new champion this afternoon. His Blood Alcohol Level was 118, which would not be so remarkable except that he was 11 months old! So for his age bracket, I think he wins the gold medal. I wonder how they got him to blow in the breathalyzer? Maybe there's pacifier adapter...

[ed note. I joke with the gallows humor of an ER doc. This is of course terribly sad and obviously criminal.]


  1. Yikes. Was he nursing, or did someone do that on purpose? I guess the former is a stretch but I prefer stupidity to malice where babies are concerned. Not that stupidity isn't plenty (perhaps more?) damaging, but it is a bit less depressing.

  2. end result of liberalism. I would bet my 401K the parents are sponsored at least in some part by welfare, food stamps, or medicaid.

  3. end result of conservatism. you see a story of child abuse, and you've had your brain and humanity ground down so long from all the shit that you've been swallowing, that your first reaction is to blame food stamps.

  4. Yeah give out more food stamps, welfare, medicaid, and tax rebates to those who don't pay taxes. Yeah that will decrease child abuse and ignorance. There is so much evidence that it is working over the decades. NOT.

  5. Silly people. You should know that you can't buy liquor with food stamps!

  6. heck, you can't buy toilet paper with food stamps! (oddly, you can buy chocolate. at least in Massachusetts.

    I'm fine with the gallows humor, personally

  7. i love people who have money whining about food stamps. in reality, if they didn't exist, your grocery bills would be much higher. why, because shoplifting rates would skyrocket and the grocery chains would respond by just hiking the cost of everything across the board.

    and let me guess, as a conservative, you'd ridicule someone living in poverty who works all day, otherwise is honest and hard-working, and just simply can't put enough away to feed their kids after they pay rent, utilities, etc., so they tuck a few items into their coat now and then on their trips to the store.

    why don't we bring back debtors prisons while we're at it.


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