20 January 2008

Need some ideas

I have a "Ski Mix" on my iPod, and it hasn't changed much at all in the last couple of years.   Honestly, I'm getting bored to tears with the music, and I'd like to make a new playlist for skiing, maybe with some new tunes that I've not heard before.

Any ideas?

Generally, I'm looking for some energetic songs with a nice beat.   I'm not generally a fan of acid metal.   I like 'classic' music from the '80s and '90s but am fairly ignorant of all music produced in this decade century millennium.   Bonus points for anything celtic -- I'm a big fan of the Pogues.   

I'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments...


  1. Taking from my own playlist for running...

    As far as Celtic-influenced stuff, how about Flogging Molly? Try "Tobacco Island," "Black Friday Rule," "Swagger," "Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon," few others.

    Not sure if you're a major or minor key kind of guy, but Red (www.myspace.com/dropofred) might have some stuff you'll like.

    Random stuff:

    Guano Apes, "Open Your Eyes";
    Several from Linkin Park, dunno if you've already got a few from them / are a fan

  2. If you like Celtic influenced things try Great Big Sea, they're a Canadian band out of Newfoundland. Much of their music is made up of/influenced by the traditional seafarer's music played on the island.

    Some of their more upbeat songs: "Ordinary Day", "Dancing with Mrs White", "Donkey Riding", their cover of "End of the World" is fantastic, "Meri-Mac". You can find their music on iTunes.

  3. Black 47 - Fire of Freedom, Belle & Sebatian - "Blues are still Blue"

    Not Celtic - Tom Petty "Free Fallin'"

  4. i second dr. nic: anything by great big sea. their older stuff is more traditional, their new stuff is more pop, but everything but the ballads is energetic as hell.

  5. Long-time reader, first-time commenter - LOVE YOUR STUFF! For crashing down some gnarly double-blacks, I'd recommend "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys. It figured prominently in the opening of the film, "The Departed." Sounds like a hard-core reel... Maybe Linkin Park meets the Chieftains? Wishing you good powder on the slopes.

  6. Oh man, check out the band Gogol Bordello. Their song "Start Wearing Purple" is downright contagious!

  7. I second the Dropkick Murphy's...anything really by them is top-notch. Flogging Molly is good as well. I used to love "Mountain Song" by Jane's Addiction when bombing downhill on my mountain bike. "Plane Crash" by moe. is a great one up in the mountains,plus some of the live versions are 11+ minutes long so you can get your groove on, my favorite version is off of "L1" although the version on "Wart's and All, vol. !" is excellent, albeit 20 minutes long. Great thing though...all are on iTunes for ease of dl'ing. Enjoy the slopes!

  8. Another recommendation for Great Big Sea...I've seen them play more times than I can count, and they are nothing if not energetic and fun. They still tour occasionally, and if you ever get a chance, see them in a small venue instead of a large one.

    Have fun on the slopes!

  9. Wolfmother - Led Zep meets the White Stripes, good stuff.

    Also anything from Queens of the Stone Age (especially off the discs Songs for the Deaf or Era Vulgaris). Criminally underrated rock band.

  10. Johnny Urologist1/21/2008 7:25 AM

    Seeing as how you're the only person I ever knew besides myself to have a Boiled in Lead CD in their collection, and also inspired by the person who recommended Gogol Bordello (which I agree I think you'd like): you might take a look at Balkan Beat Box and/or Firewater (a truly, truly excellent band). Martyn Bennett had an album called "Bothy Culture" a number of years back with some tracks you might like ("tongues of kali", "ud the doudouk", "yer man from athlone" - might not be the best for skiing but check them out). Let's not forget Ashley MacIsaac (first 2 tracks on "Hi How Are You Today?" especially). Those come off the top of my head. Email me for more details if you wish.
    Oh, and congrats on the newest wee one.

  11. Another vote for Great Big Sea, Rawlins Cross, Rik Emmet (of Triumph), and Billy Idol. I know, Billy's not Celtic, but he rocks.

  12. You might want to try Blind Guardian. They're from Germany but their english is better than most native singers. The band's major musical influences seems to be American 80's hair bands.

    You might also like The Levellers. English band with an electric fiddle and a large measure of what needs to be fixed in the world.

    If nothing else, take what you got already and put the band names into Wikipedia. Click on the various genre links and it will show you a bunch of banks associated with that genre. There will be something there you haven't heard of but similiar to what you already know.

  13. If you want something free that is motivating and energetic, try the Loo and Placido Mash-Mix podcast. I am kind of an iTunetard, but just load up the iTunes store and search for "Loo Placido Podcast" and hit subscribe and BOOM. It's a little of everything all mixed together from 80s rock to hip-hop. It's EXCELLENT and FREE, but I'd pay for it.

    This is the music I consider my "European Subway" mix. When I was walking in the subway tunnels in Europe on my last trip, I'd flip on the L&P Mash-Ups and the pace was just right for walking briskly.

  14. You might give Carbon Leaf a try. The album Echo Echo is pretty darn rad. They are on MySpace if you access that at all.

  15. Another long time reader and first time commenter. My recommendation for celtic is the group Gaelic Storm. I like "Before the Night is Over" and "Sight of Land."

    Not sure if it's skiing music, but check them out you might like them.

    Enjoy the slopes!

  16. I second Carbon Leaf and also a nod to Flogging Molly. More personal favorites are Kasabian (two of my buddies have that as their riding music), Social Distortion.

    My new fave love is Magnetic Fields. Their new CD 'Distortion' dropped last Tuesday. 'I Hate California Girls", 'Nuns Litany' and 'Please Stop Dancing' just beyond rock. Witty stuff with great beat.

  17. The new MIA CD Kala is great-- shallow and trendy, but bouncy with some great baile funk samples. Kultur Shock also has some fun balkan punk, too.

  18. I'm not as a rule into heavy stuff, either, but here are two (not recent) songs that I just love for the driving beat:

    P.O.D.- Boom (The Crystal Method Mix)

    Rob Zombie - Dragula

  19. Prefab Sprout 'Faron (truckin' Mix) from the album Two wheels Good. I think this album was titled Steve McQueen everywhere else in the world. Not Celtic but the singer/songwriters name is Paddy McAloon. (I rest my case).

    Also one of my favorite 80's songs is from the Style Council 'My Ever Changing Moods (12" Version)'. its always on my drive list.

    Finally, The Smithereens, 'A Girl Like You'.

  20. Matt Nathanson: "Car Crash"
    Bruce Springsteen: "Radio Nowhere"

  21. Another vote for Carbon Leaf. The first Crash Test Dummies album ("The Ghosts that Haunt Me") had kind of a folk-music thing going on. You might also try Yaz.

  22. Wow. You guys rock. Quite literally, I mean.

    I'll be checking out these recommendations (and spending a lot of money at iTunes, I suspect).


  23. Rolling Stones... "Gimme Shelter" ... the theme song for the Departed! Its fantastic and is on my Spin mix

  24. Captain Tractor. They're more or less defunct now, but if you like Great Big Sea then you'll probably like them, too; lots of songs with energy, and some really good writing, too.


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