04 January 2008


My little blog cracked 200,000 visits today. Small potatoes in the world of the blogosphere, but still noteworthy. (I'm up to a "Flappy bird" in the TTLB Ecosystem.) I don't know how sitemeter calculates the traffic, and wonder how many of those visits are indexing bots. But I'm happy to take it as it appears to be, since that's the conclusion that is most gratifying...

I'd like to extend a real thanks to all the folks who have dropped by to read this blog, both those who enjoy my writing and opinions, as well as those who come by to disagree. I really appreciate your feedback and your opinions. As Ezra Klein frequently says, "My commenters are smarter than me." Thanks for taking the time and effort to come here.


  1. Don't forget that many of us subscribe to you through bloglines, and we can actually read your blog with its links, without coming here. Unless we want to comment.

  2. Hey! 200,000 is not small potatoes, it's a big, juicy steak!!!

    Congratulations on the milestone and keep on blogging! : )

  3. You have a great blog...thanks for the posts!

  4. At least we agree that I'm smarter than you.


  5. you know hoe to work this busines, don't you son? has passed some time since the last time that I end agreed with someone like you.


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