20 January 2008

I'm a Beautiful Man

I say this as a simple statement of fact, without pride or vanity. Central to my good looks is my hair. I have a full head of, thick, lustrous, straight auburn-brown hair with full body. I have the sort of hair that John Edwards has to pay $400 to get. But my hair is so naturally appealing that I do not to spend an excessive amount of time primping it; it just naturally falls into place. My wife reports that she initially intended to give me the brush-off on our first date, a blind date, but my hair looked so nice she hung on, and the rest is history. I am not obsessed with it, nor do I make a big deal of it, but it cannot be denied that I simply have great hair.

You may wonder why I am perseverating on about my hair, and there is in fact a reason. I am going to shave it off, and I want you to help me in this quest.

Long-time readers of this blog may recall my posts about Nathan. Nathan was a great little boy who had the misfortune to develop neuroblastoma, and despite waging a long and determined fight against this dreadful disease, he died this summer at the age of seven, one of the far too many children to become angels due to neuroblastoma.

I've known Nathan's parents for years and they are among my closest friends. Nathan's death has affected me deeply. My oldest son is now the same age Nathan was when he relapsed, and I think about Nathan almost daily when I tuck my children into bed. It's a terrible thing when things like this happen to children, and in Nathan's memory and honor I want to do what I can to help speed the day when diseases like this are curable.

This is why I joined my friend Matt in participating in this year's St. Baldrick's Day event.

Here's how it works: You click the link and pony up a couple of bucks. I shave my head and post the pictures here for all the world to see. Children's cancer research gets the money. You get the warm satisfying feeling of positive karma spreading through your body. We all win.

So go ahead and click the link below. Give what you can, and I thank you in advance for your generosity. Children's cancers are shamefully underfunded -- less than 1% of all cancer research funds donated through the American Cancer Society are directed towards research on pediatric cancers. Your dollars will fill a critical need, and will make a real difference.

What are you waiting for? Click the link!



  1. Good for you. We were lucky enough that my daughter survived her cancer, but too many families aren't. We were also fortunate enough that one of her schoolmates' father's decided to shave his head at a company Christmas party and raised a lot of money for her- it really does make a huge difference.

    Too many pediatric cancers go unnoticed by funding for whatever reason, and every little bit helps.

  2. good to hear i'm not the only one not afraid to "BE BRAVE....GO BALD"

    this event sure has grown, been shaving my he for st. baldricks since they started.

    The best of luck to you ... hope everyone donates.

    when you get a chacne check out my side for my st.baldricks post


  3. I was wondering where this was going, and I obviously know you are part of the Nathan's Network team. Not that I don't doubt that you are a beautiful man with a great head of hair...

    Susan and I are toying with the idea of being present at Baldrick's festivities where folks are honoring Nathan. There are logistical and obvious emotional reasons why it might not/probably won't happen. I hope everyone participating understands that it means a lot to us, even if we can't be there.

  4. I applaud you, loudly.

    I've had two other friends do this over the years. Always happy to contribute to this cause.

  5. Done. I'll be linking to your post in my blog.

  6. Really Shadowfax.......Tell the truth! You're formerly 'auburn' hair is now more bi-colored! Gray from the temples to the crown with a bit of red amongst the comb-over! I'm sure that's fall out from the 'dear wife!' No matter...you are to be congratulated for your moxi and generosity! I cannot wait to see you BALD!

  7. Linking to your challenge as well.

    Can't wait to see the pix :-)

  8. Dr SF,

    What a worthwhile cause. I think you're very brave to give up your hair!

    I *love* your blog. Thanks for all of hilarious stories and insightful posts. It's great to see a face to go with your blog posted on your St Baldrick's Day page. Since many of the blogs I read are anonymous, I often wonder what the author looks like. Now I know what Dr. Shadowfax looks like!


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