30 January 2008

I get letters

Why St. Baldrick's matters:

One recent letter I got was from faithful reader and longtime lurker, Tara. She writes:

I wanted to say thank-you for your St. Baldrick's efforts. I know that you have a personal reason to be involved in pediatric cancer research. I unfortunately do as well - my 3 year old son was diagnosed with metastatic medulloblastoma 3 months ago. So on Henry's behalf, thank you.

I have read a lot of Nathan's site. I remember crying over Nathan's passing, which was of course before Henry was diagnosed. How life has turned into before and after 10/13/07 for me.

We corresponded back and forth for a while and after she discussed it with her family, I have added her son Henry as an "Honored Child" on my St Baldrick's page. I am glad and proud to be able to sponsor Henry; while too many children have fought and lost their battles with cancer, there are as many who are still waging their fights, and more diagnosed every day.

You can read about "Henry's Challenge" at their family blog. He sounds like a great kid, with a devoted and loving family. They don't deserve what they are going through, but then, with cancer, who does? Maybe through the funds we raise at St. Baldrick's, we can hasten the day when these cancers are curable, and where the treatments are not so difficult.

I am amazed at my little perspective into this world of pediatric cancer. I have known folks on both sides of the gurney, so to speak, and both sides of the fundraising. A close friend of mine is a Pediatric Oncologist; her research is on medulloblastoma. She is currently applying for a grant from St. Baldrick's to further her research. So from my perspective, I get to help raise the funds, and get to see how the money is put into action towards curing these diseases. St. Baldrick's puts about 85% of all its funds raised into research -- the other 15% goes towards administration and marketing, which is low-to-average for an organization of this size. This year, St Baldrick's is on pace to raise $16 milion.

So help us out -- make me shave my head, and do your bit to help kids like Nathan and Henry. Click on the link below, and toss us a couple of bucks!


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  1. Thanks for the great blog. Through it you are giving something to me, so I am giving something back (and to a great cause). I couldn't donate much, but I did donate. Thanks for doing this!


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