27 December 2007

We have a New Champion!

Oregon Woman Charged with Drunken Driving tests 0.55 percent.

Wowie. If I have seen higher, I cannot recall it, and they were certainly comatose, not operating a vehicle...


  1. You must not have hardcore lifelong drunks that come into your ER. 0.55 and walking/screaming in my ER is not entirely uncommon. It's more common to see the .42s or .44s, but there are a small segment of our hardcore drunks that can still walk at .55.

    That sedating shot when they get violent really endangers their airway though ;-/ I get the shot and the airway cart at the same time sometimes.

  2. I've seen 0.6 once, and it was in a guy who was used to drinking a case of beer and a fifth of vodka a day. He had come in requesting detox, and we marveled at how relatively sober he was considering the ETOH level.

  3. I believe Dr. Whitecoat over at whitecoatrants once posted a BAC of 0.8 (or something to that order).

  4. .53 was the BAC of my last drunk patient...

    I won 10 bucks by guessing that it was .50...

    :) Gotta love the BAC pool...

  5. .76, in one of my ICU patients


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